pic-1What if emotional pain was stored in our bodies? What if emotional hurt created barriers that kept us trapped in negative life-patterns?

Learn how to permanently break free… Many people struggle with an underlying anxiety; stuck in a prison of emotional barriers of which they have no idea how to break free. The emotional daggers we suffer in life, powerfully impact the body, and have the influence to keep us trapped, manifesting in an unhappy job or an unfulflling relationship.

Talking about it offers some short-term relief, but not the long-term release that is so desperately needed.

pic-2Deb Sandella, PHD, MS, RN- had a life- changing experience with her father that revolutionized her thought processes on the power of releasing and clearing emotional and organic barriers, resulting in the ability to live an uninhibited and unlimited life. Her completely unique approach to reaching the organic point-of- hurt & pain contact, works much like a self-cleaning oven- with lasting, transformational results.

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Dr. Deb is available to speak to:

Womens Groups, Self Help Conferences, Spirituality Conferences and Churches, Healthcare & Mental Health Organizations, Nursing Groups, Life-Coaches, Educators, and More!

Deb’s speaker topics include:

  • The RIM® Institute’s Seven Simple Steps to Health, Love and Successpic-3
  • The Body and Emotion Connection- The Key to Setting the Heart free, Once and for ALL
  • How Feelings are Organically Stored- The Nervous System Connection that Impacts Your Health and Well-being
  • Undo the Glue- Liberate the Emotional Connect to the Root Event



3“Deborah Sandella has been my co-author and colleague working with my students for years, producing dramatic results. Her original, groundbreaking technique just magically dissolves what is blocking us? and accelerates more success in every facet of our lives. Deborah is the BEST of the BEST! And I’m so glad she’s now providing this extraordinary resource to the world. Grab this book now, if you want more success in your life!”

Jack Canfield
NY Times Bestselling Author

“For years after a teacher sexually abused me during junior high, I found myself being taken advantage by those around me. After I freed myself of this memory during RIM® work with Dr. Deb, I spontaneously began speaking up for myself. I now consistently feel empowered and act assertively. RIM® is the most effective work I have experienced in my life, and I have spent years trying all of them.”

Montana Realtor

When I scheduled my son to see Dr. Deb, he had Gardner’s Syndrome, an inherited condition and doctors were suggesting he have sections of his intestine removed. By the end of his series of RIM® sessions, 500 intestinal polyps had disappeared and surgery was unnecessary.

Lynn Nichols

2“Dr. Deborah Sandella offers a practical, down-to-earth method of realizing the immense potential that lies within everyone. She is a skillful guide who speaks from experience and with gentle compassion.”

Larry Dossey, MD
Bestselling Author

“Our son was diagnosed with a ‘complete paralysis,’ after a spinal cord injury, and his rehab doctor was adamant he would never walk again. He wouldn’t be walking in braces today without Dr. Deb’s belief in him and the RIM® sessions.”

Oklahoma Businessman

My son committed suicide 20 years ago. As Dr. Deb and I uncovered the tons of buried grief and guilt in one session, it felt like my heart might break. Hard to believe, but I actually was able to sense my son’s forgiveness and love during that session. Rather than talking about the incident, I got to go back in time and redo my regrets–an indescribable gift of healing! Since that session, my life is changed. Now, I can enjoy remembering him without guilt.

North Carolina College Professor

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