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Introducing a Special Offer from Dr. Deb and The Shift Network


Nice to meet you and thank you Dr. Deb for the introduction.

If you wish to keep the magic going, we’re offering you an individually-facilitated RIM® experience including an intergenerational healing option.

And if you are interested in discovering more about learning how to apply RIM® with others, we’re here to answer your questions.

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If you’re ready to deepen and anchor the growth you have experienced so far, book a private phone or Zoom session today; we are Master RIM® Facilitators, personally trained and trusted by Dr. Deb.

This is a special opportunity to explore RIM® in greater depth and learn how it can further benefit you and your family personally, and if you are a helping professional, how it can benefit your clients and your business.

Learning and utilizing RIM® can be a fantastic way to help you and your clients reach a new level of insight and transformation.

If you’re interested, you can learn to guide your clients through their personal process with ease and feel solid knowing you can handle anything that shows up with a client.

Book a session with us today! We work with leaders around the globe, and have agreed to offer a discount as part of this program. You won’t want to miss this life-changing opportunity.
You receive a special $300/session — a significant discount from the regular $375.
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