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You are a unique and beautiful expression of life. You were born to shine your gifts, your wisdom, and your smile. Dr. Deborah Sandella and the RIM® Institute wish to support you in this pursuit. To inspire and guide you to express greater fulfillment and success in every area of your life, we offer many Free Resources.

Below, you’ll find free articles, a monthly RIM® meditation, a recorded meditation, recorded interviews, Journal Download Pages for Dr. Deb’s Releasing the Inner Magician book, and links to other helpful and supportive resources. Take a look! Better yet, take a moment now to read or listen to one of the inspiring resources! Then return often for continued support and inspiration!

Recorded Meditations

Unearthing Your True Self (32 min)
Learn how to connect directly with your intuition and the insights hidden deep in your heart.

Monthly Meditations

Click here for our most recent meditations, beginning after December 2012.

November, 2012
Have You Thanked Your Turkey?

September, 2012
A Good Day to Die…

July, 2012
Prayer In Honor of these Blessed Spirits

June, 2012
Intimacy… What’s sex got to do with it?

March, 2012
Your True Self Meditation

January, 2012
A Shiny New Year!

December, 2011
Feeling invisible and Unheard?…

November, 2011
Wishing for a Second Chance?

September, 2011
How to Have a Relationship…

July, 2011
How to Have a Flippin Good Summer…

June, 2011
A Little Meditation… Just for You!

March, 2011
New Eyes, A Meditation On Perspective…

January, 2011
2011… What’ll it BE?

December, 2010
Yes, there is a Santa…


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Free Articles

“Living Fully Lights-On”
My article is in the current Edition of Science of Mind. Click the above link to download a free issue.

“Ancient Lessons about How to Survive Difficult Times”
Learn from the Giant Sequoia trees how to thrive in these difficult times.

“Harry Potter Doesn’t Have Anything on Us”
Learn how to reconnect with your special magic.

“It’s Never too Late to Have a Happy Childhood”
Learn how to liberate yourself from regrets.

“Jack Canfield on Living a Spiritual Life”
Learn how to apply practice and patience to live a successful life.

“Stress Busting 101”
Learn a simple technique that can be done any time, any place.

“Success Unleashed: an Interview with Jack Canfield”
Learn practical steps to create what you want in life from the success master himself – Jack Canfield.

“Divine Resilience”
Learn how to use Nature as a model to “reinvent” you!

“The Shadow Effect”
Learn from Debbie Ford how to manage your shadow before it manages you.

“Cost vs. Quality: In the Balance” (management article)
Read about an evidence-based economic model for success in health care organizations.

Integrative Perspectives – “Releasing the Inner Magician (RIM™): Awakening the Unconscious for Insight and Healing”
Learn how the RIM® Method can be used as an adjunctive technique in traditional psychotherapy or as an innovative practice model.

Downloads for Dr. Deb Sandella’s Books

Releasing the Inner Magician

Journal File.pdf (Acrobat document) – For those who want to journal on pages external from the Releasing the Inner Magician book.

Journal File.doc (Word document) – For those who want to journal directly into an electronic file.

If you are interested in other Inner Magician products, please visit our store where you’ll discover tools to unleash your personal power. You’ll find Dr. Deb’s latest book, Goodbye Hurt & Pain, 7 Simple Steps for Health, Love and Success that guides you through a personal healing experience along with the neuroscience of how it works. Also, you learn about Dr. Deb’s first book with CD, Releasing the Inner Magician, Ways to Find a Peaceful and Happy Life. Co-authored by Dr. Deb and Jack Canfield, Awakening Power is a 6-CD home study program that includes 11 meditations, mini-talks and an instruction booklet. All of these products are designed to empower you to new levels of success and happiness. And if in your work, you coach, teach or heal others, you can take your clients to a whole new level of wellbeing by learning the “Regenerating Images in Memory” Technique (RIM®).

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