Cheers to 2021!

Finally… It’s 2021! This last year, we jumped the “normal” track and landed in uncharted times.  Yes, there were positives, yet our travels were pretty bumpy.  Most importantly, we remembered what’s really important and

A Thanksgiving Gift!

Giving Thanks for You! I cherish the presence you bring to the world. Thank you for being you because no one else can. Sharing your unique expression is an important contribution. Are you ready to


Scared? Wes Craven, famous horror film director points out, “Millions of people may watch zombies on TV and in movies, but that’s manufactured fear. We don’t really worry about encountering the undead in our

Wishing You Love

Today is the day we celebrate LOVE! Sonnets, love songs, flowers, chocolates, passionate embraces and whispered endearments are the rituals of Valentine’s Day. This year, in addition to your beautiful experience of romantic love,