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The RIM® Institute supports the healthy development of your head, heart, and spirit. RIM® is a body-centered process that unlocks blocks and resources stored in the body memory.  When the biochemistry in your body is balanced you’ll find maintaining emotional and physical health much easier.  When your body’s serotonin/oxytocin is enhanced and the adrenaline/cortisol decreased, you organically feel calmer and more confident.

We believe in supporting your head, heart, body and spirit… for the best possible outcomes…

We recently found a family of nutritional products that helps nourish your mind and body; they are food-based supplements designed to physically combat the effects of cortisol/adrenaline as a way to keep your mood positive and better able to engage in personal growth. If you struggle with anxiety these natural products can help. I’ve witnessed clients zap anxiety attacks and feel more confident.


Stress hormones (cortisol) are higher in the morning — Wake Well™ will give you the energy, focus and mood improvement to jumpstart your day.

Fatigue, lack of motivation and focus tend to occur in the afternoon — Revive Well™ soft chews helps you reenergize and focus to thrive through the afternoon.

Stress levels (cortisol) shut down the hormone melatonin that helps you fall asleep — Rest Well™ helps you relax, unwind, and fall asleep the whole night through.

For more information and to purchase these products to enhance your own biochemistry, go to the Well & Company Website or choose an item below.


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