Are You Depriving Yourself of Wholeness, Happiness, and Success?

Learn How to “Release Your Inner Magician” & Reclaim Health, Happiness, and Success

Dear Friend,

Do you long to live a life full of happiness, success and joy? Are you searching for a fun-filled way to tap into your potential and fulfill your deepest desires? Do you secretly yearn to ignite the inner flame of passion?

I understand, and I offer hope. Everyday I work with men and women from all walks of life who tell me they sense they are missing something, who know they have the potential to succeed but haven’t . . . because they don’t know what it is that is blocking. Like the Princess and the Pea, self-sabotaging images can hide beneath layers, and we haven’t got a clue other than the restlessness, we feel. Maybe you can relate.

Has life recently sent any of these loops your way?
  • A milestone birthday (you’re inspired to fulfill your dreams, but just don’t know exactly what they are)
  • A stressful job that zaps your energy, but you can’t seem to make a change
  • Divorce or separation from your partner is keeping you off center
  • The birth of a new baby (you love the little one, but the lack of personal time is really draining)
  • Death of someone you loved and you can’t seem to move forward
  • Children leaving home (you wonder what to do with yourself now)
  • Fatigue or Boredom (nothing, and I mean nothing, feels fun and exciting anymore)
Does your life feel a little lackluster, too?

It doesn’t have to be. I can give you tools that will help you release your natural potential. Using fun-filled techniques you’ll quickly and easily learn how to unleash the inner magic that sets your inspiration ablaze, fuels fire in your creative soul, and sends you soaring down the path to success.

I’ll share powerful insights that will help you embrace your wholeness and reclaim your divine birthright with your human inheritance.

I gained these insights during a dramatic experience in Australia. These tools and insights changed my life, and they also have the power to transform YOURS.

To be quite honest with you, I thought I had it all a doctoral degree, a great husband, two children, a flourishing psychotherapy practice, a comfortable home, two cars and a non-shedding dog — but on a sabbatical to Australia, I realized I’d been fooling myself.

I beheld a middle-aged woman who was chained to the treadmill of Other’s Approval, a woman who spent so much time doing that she missed out on being all she had the potential to be. I decided to make some serious changes.

I came home, closed my practice of twenty-three years and sought out new professional avenues that encouraged a more relaxed lifestyle. I began to nourish my relationships with Self and family as never before. And I finally began to feel a deep sense of happiness and well-being

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Why Inner Magician?

Releasing the Inner Magician will help you…
  • Claim your IMMENSE inner powers
  • Fulfill your deepest desires
  • Experience JOY and LASTING HAPPINESS
  • Integrate your past with your present (weed out rotten roots and sow seeds of self-understanding)
  • Diffuse destructive power (and let go of old hurts)
  • Ward off illness and disease
  • Abolish anxiety and escape stress
  • Cut your healthcare costs (studies suggest that meditation can cut healthcare costs by 50 percent!)
  • Call home “orphaned” aspects of yourself
  • Release the unnecessary and embrace the essential
  • Connect with UNIVERSAL GRACE and WISDOM

And the best part is that the process is completely affordable and fun to follow. Unlike other programs that require intense work and often seem too “heavy” or burdensome to complete, the tools contained within Releasing the Inner Magician will make your journey within feel more like play. If you are willing to devote a mere 15 minutes per day to this fun-filled journey, you will enjoy:

  • Less Stress
  • Improved Health
  • Happier Relationships
  • A greater sense of Personal Authority
  • Increased Success
  • Amplified Creativity
  • Profound Peace
  • Unquenchable Passion
  • Evolution (even in the face of dissent)

And if that’s not enough, the techniques included in Releasing the Inner Magician can even help you improve athletic performance. (I know that sounds crazy, but my client who is a professional tennis player swears it’s true!)

What about pricing?

Much LESS than you would imagine.

You can order Releasing the Inner Magician and the corresponding Guided Meditation CD for only $19.95, plus shipping. That’s less than the cost of a haircut, and certainly far less than the hundreds or thousands of dollars you would have to spend in a therapist’s office or during a spiritual renewal retreat!

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Don’t wait to soar into your heart, find out who you are and discover how to make your life happier and more meaningful. Don’t waste one more minute of your precious life! Start your inner journey now…

With Deepest Regards,


Deborah L. Sandella, PH.D., R.N.

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Are you ready to enjoy life even more & learn how to attract good luck?

My book, Releasing the Inner Magician: Ways to Find a Peaceful and Happy Life and corresponding Guided Meditation CD were written and created to help you experience emotional renewal, shed self-doubt, and embrace the happy and successful life you were destined to lead.

In fact, the techniques are so successful that research has been done on them, and the book is going to reprint. Just listen to what people are saying about it…

2Releasing the Inner Magician is a practical, down-to-earth method of realizing the immense potential that lies within everyone. Deborah Sandella is a skillful guide who writes from experience and with gentle compassion.”

Larry Dossey, MD
Bestselling Author

“Reading this book was an exciting adventure. Deborah Sandella has transferred her own passion for discovery into truly transformational meditations.”

Elaine Willis, Ph.D.
PBD host of Healthy People, Healthy Business

About the Book

The Releasing the Inner Magician book and CD is an epic journey that will sweep you into your heart and soul. Inaugurated by initiations with earth, air, water, and fire, you’ll learn about your own true nature. Like looking with a magical microscope into an acorn and seeing the magnificent oak tree within, you can witness your true identity. When you know who you are, you unleash a divine intuitive voice that feels magical. An inner wisdom that knows the answers to all your questions. This book/CD is a profound opportunity to look within and sense the invisible – your power, passion and purpose!

A Safari Into the Wilds of Your Heart

Learn about the journey upon which you are embarking and the various methods that will facilitate your travels Intuitive Meditations, Journal Writing, Soulful Moments, and Metaphoric Insights. You can click on the <Meditations> menu to sample one of the guided meditations (auditory stream). In addition, a copy of the book’s journal pages are downloadable.

Initiation with Earth: Unearthing Your Soul

During this session, you will dig down through your adult, adolescent, and child layers to integrate your past. While deep in your center, you will visit the secret garden of your soul where unnecessary thoughts, feelings and behaviors will be weeded out and new seeds planted for future manifestation.

Initiation with Air: Swinging on Each Breath

Although we cannot see air, we can experience it in the drifting of clouds, the pounding of waves, and the trembling of leaves; its power, though invisible, can be gentle or can explode in destruction. This session’s initiation with air teaches the subtle yet immense power of the invisible forces within. You will ride your breath down into your heart where you can heal old wounds.

Initiation with Water: Bathing in the Waters of Forgiveness

Within the element of water paradoxically lives life-giving and life-taking potential. We, also, hold creative and destructive forces. By harnessing these powers, we can rediscover our wholeness. During this session you will reclaim lost aspects of yourself as you bathe in the waters of forgiveness.

Initiation with Fire: Tending Our Inner Fire, Seat of Our Passion

The visceral experience of life flows through us as passion. The flare of passion dances within, and we feel the exquisite sensation of being vigorously alive. This session will connect you with your natural passion. You will see what fuels your inner flame and what dims it.

The Most Important Work of All: Synthesis

Like putting together a puzzle, during this final session of Volume One, you’ll fit together all the lessons you’ve learned previously. You will envision what your life could look like if you incorporated the wisdom you’ve gleaned. You are the hero of your personal story. Enjoy!

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