3“RIM® work produces such immediate and extraordinary emotional and physical results, it may at first appear unbelievable, but I have witnessed it in action in my own life and the lives of hundreds of my students and trainees and can testify to its profound impact.”“[About Goodbye, Hurt & Pain] Wonderful and profound. This book will touch you intimately and probably change your life.”

Jack Canfield
NY Times bestselling author, Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series and The Success Principles; internationally
renowned corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and popular radio and TV talk show guest.


“If you have every wanted to develop your intuition or connect with the healer within, Deborah Sandella makes it easy and delightful. She is a master healer!”

Joan Borysenko
PhD, NY Times Bestselling Author


“Dr. Deborah Sandella is changing the way we perceive our emotional selves. This book is uplifting and inspiring.”

Marci Shimoff
#1 New York Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason


“Dr. Deborah Sandella offers a practical, down-to-earth method of realizing the immense potential that lies within everyone. She is a skillful guide who speaks from experience and with gentle compassion.”

Larry Dossey, MD
Bestselling Author of ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters


“Ground breaking and innovative, best-selling author Dr. Deborah Sandella provides a sacred road map to bypass logic and get to the heart of lingering pain. Using leading-edge research and techniques to shift your body’s experience, you’ll ultimately transcend even the most painful experiences and discover your innate ability to forgive and love. I highly recommend.”

Dr. Shawne Duperon
6-Time EMMY Winner, Project: Forgive Founder

“A thousand thanks to one of my favorite mentors from over the virtual frequencies!! Dr. Deborah Sandella, I raise my Cuppa Joe to you this morning for your incredible work and impact in the world! If you haven’t tasted visualization or need to get back into the routine, Dr. Deb’s collaboration with Jack Canfield on the Awakening Power audio program is a great introduction and tool for continued practice. This morning pulled me from some darker places into two of the audio tracks’ guided processes… See What You Want, Get What You See and then Staying Focused On Your Core Genius.”

Joe B.

“Dr. Deb is a rare gem of a person, a unique healer and my inspiration. How lucky we are to have had this miraculous experience!”

Janice D.

“Dr. Deb – Thank you again for profoundly changing my life in the most incredible 60 plus minutes of my existence. I cannot thank you enough. I now know that my life was leading to that moment and I am so anxious to begin helping others in the hopes that I can help even one person the way that you helped me.”

Stephanie J.

“Our son was diagnosed with a ‘complete paralysis,’ after a spinal cord injury, and his rehab doctor was adamant he would never walk again. He wouldn’t be walking in braces today without Dr. Deb’s belief in him and the RIM® sessions.”

Oklahoma Businessman

“I’d never have believed you, if you told me I’d be writing a testimonial for RIM® . I am THE MOST SKEPTICAL guy in the world. I am interested in NFL football, thick steaks, half ironman races and techno geek toys. Nowhere in there did you see anything about an interest in psychological self-help stuff. In fact, I don’t believe in going to psychologists. I engaged with Dr. Deb at a Jack Canfield seminar because I was in excruciating pain. After she guided me through this inner sensing process, I was at complete peace, I was content, I was pain-free, and I was energized. I now know these RIM® tools and I’ve used them successfully several times since. I believe RIM® could relieve many people of suffering about their personal, physical and relationship issues.”

Ed Alberts
New York Multi-Businessman

“When I scheduled my son to see Dr. Deb, he had Gardner’s Syndrome, an inherited condition and doctors were suggesting he have sections of his intestine removed. By the end of his series of RIM® sessions, 500 intestinal polyps had disappeared and surgery was unnecessary.”

Lynn Nichols

“After my one RIM® session, the residual shoulder pain remaining after a fall on the ice is gone! Not only that, the crippling fear of walking across ice has disappeared. Being a Vail ski instructor this RIM® experience has saved my life.”

Vail Ski Instructor

“My son committed suicide 20 years ago. As Dr. Deb and I uncovered the tons of buried grief and guilt in one session, it felt like my heart might break. Hard to believe, but I actually was able to sense my son’s forgiveness and love during that session. Rather than talking about the incident, I got to go back in time and redo my regrets–an indescribable gift of healing! Since that session, my life is changed. Now, I can enjoy remembering him without guilt.”

Vail Ski Instructor

“For years after a teacher sexually abused me during junior high, I found myself being taken advantage by those around me. After I freed myself of this memory during RIM® work with Dr. Deb, I spontaneously began speaking up for myself. I now consistently feel empowered and act assertively. RIM® is the most effective work I have experienced in my life, and I have spent years trying all of them.”

Montana Realtor

“I’ve had many sessions with various people and the RIM® session I did with Dr. Deb was the single most powerful experience I’ve had, not over the past eight weeks… but in my life. I made more progress after our time together than I ever remember. With the deepest gratitude my heart can give.”

NYC Business Woman

“For thirty-seven years I have trained individuals from just about every walk of life and many cultures around the world. I am committed to provide excellence in coaching, training and consulting services to each of these leaders. The RIM® Facilitator Program has significantly improved my ability to provide excellence and immediate results to my clients while also renewing myself. Every day, I am grateful for the power of RIM® to unleash the inner wisdom and heal.”

Anita L. Sanchez, PhD
Sanchez Tennis & Associates, LLC Organizational Consultant

“After my teen daughter had her first RIM® session, her younger brother commented she was more calm, confident, and “less cranky”! He went on to say, “What is with this Donna? She’s actually confident. What happened to the Donna who has no confidence?” I did not ask for feedback from him and he didn’t know she had a RIM® session – he just spontaneously commented when she was out one evening.”

Mother of Teen Client
Aurora, CO

“You won’t be surprised, I know! My relationships with all four siblings who showed up in my RIM® session have been transformed. This is awesome… THANK YOU!”

Neurosurgeon, NYC

“I consider my first session with you a turning point in my life. I began to gain a wise perspective of life. I have been working with several healing modalities for quite some time and I achieved great results with them but RIM® has been the most powerful.”

Adham Saleh Mohamed
Manager, Egypt

“I am a born and raised Cuban guy, and I did not even know the meaning of meditation and the idea of it made me very uncomfortable. I was, however, curious enough to buy Awakening Power in a meditation CD series by Dr. Sandella and Jack Canfield. Now, a year later, I can tell you, this former skeptic believes in meditation, and that Dr. Sandella is an amazing person along with Awakening Power being a profound experience.

I found peace in my heart, I found inspiration that gave me ideas about many different projects, including a book I wrote, (I wrote a book)!!!! And the ideas came after the meditations!!!!!! I want to thank and acknowledge Dr. Sandella for an amazing work that serves and inspires even a complete former skeptic like me. I greatly recommend this work, it was been life transforming to me.”

Luis Morejon
Businessman, Florida


“Dr. Sandella’s practical, good sense does splendidly for a new generation. She shares sound advice and a wealth of experience with real people.”

Robert Freedman, MD
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado, and editor of the American Journal of Psychiatry

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