Deborah Sandella PhD, MS, RN

Originator of the RIM® Method and Founder of the RIM® Institute
Englewood, Colorado USA
Direct Line (303) 691-3457 / The RIM® Institute (888) 788-0800

Kinds of RIM® Sessions: Individual, Group, Personal Growth Seminars and RIM® Facilitator Training

Location: Denver, Colorado Metro area for face-to-face sessions; phone/Skype clients anywhere

Population: Adults, teens, children and business

Specialties: Transforming difficult issues into miraculous personal events

Biography: Dr. Deborah Sandella is the #1 International Bestselling author of Goodbye Hurt & Pain, 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love & Success, an international and award-winning author, international speaker and the creator of the RIM® Method, an unprecedented inner technology for the twenty-first century that accelerates emotional/physical healing. Her work has appeared on television, radio and print. She’s been honored by her peers as “Outstanding Clinician,” “Excellent Researcher” and her book/CD Releasing the Inner Magician was named one of the “Best Personal Growth Books” of it’s time. Sharing the stage with Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, her work is proven to reduce hallmark symptoms of stress-related illness such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). As founder of the RIM® Institute, she teaches how to break the mind-body barrier for greater health and productivity.

Philosophy: In 1995 I stood on the rim of life as my dad walked off into the light. Our connection through imagination somehow brought him back into the world of the living and sustained him for five of the happiest years of his life. Since that time, I have dedicated my professional endeavors to harnessing this power for intentional healing, greater joy and effortless success. I welcome others to join me in this exciting discovery of the immense inner resources that exist in each of us. We can access these resources quickly and effectively to transform illness, injury, sorrow, doubt, shame, self-sabotage, guilt, anger, rage and addiction. It actually feels quite magical!