Debra Tischler

Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Direct Line 817-271-9629

Kinds of RIM® Sessions: Individuals, Business, Groups, Coaching, and Veterans

Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Population: Adults, Teens, Business, and Groups.

Works with Trauma: Yes

Specialties: Chaos to Clarity with Abandonment

Will you work with Trauma: Yes

Biography: I began doing body work in 2000. I work independently creating a healing and educational environment for clients to increase their quality of life through natural healing modalities. I personally know about healing because my childhood was disrupted with emotional and physical pain from mental and physical abuse. Living in multiple homes and foster care and never knowing where I was going to live or with whom, I surrounded myself with very big walls for my own self-protection. After serving six years in the Army I had no idea how to live a normal/healthy life or have a healthy relationship. Through my personal RIM® work, I have let down the barriers that previously held me back. I have a new outlook on my emotions and am very happy with showing the world who I really am. It is my calling to share this kind of profound healing with others.

Philosophy: It is never too late to work on yourself. It is my honor to work with anyone who wants a better/happier. Whatever the issue, it only takes a moment to say YES. Your entire life will change.

Year Completed RIM® Facilitator Training: July 2015