Denisa Prusova

Prague, Czech Republic
Direct Line +420-777-143-723

Kinds of RIM® Sessions: Individual and group RIM® sessions

Location: Prague, Czech Republic (Europe) for face-to-face sessions; phone/Skype clients anywhere

Works with Trauma: No

Population: Adults, teens, and children

Specialties: Developing higher quality relationships

Biography: Denisa Prusova’s main interest is in the area of counseling and psychotherapy. She majored in social work and social politics with a focus on communication and applied psychotherapy at PVSPS in Prague. An integral part of her university studies was a 4-year experiential training in SUR psychotherapy. She also received a degree in the area of gender studies and human ethology at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague. She completed the RIM® Facilitator Training in 2010.

Denisa worked as a co-therapist at a psychotherapy group at ESET clinic. For three years she led therapeutic-educational programs for children from institutional care. For the last three years she has been leading primary prevention programs for elementary schools. Denisa has experience in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, mostly with children and adolescent clients.

Philosophy: I assist people to attain and live more conscious personal lives and enjoy higher quality relationships. I love leading self-developmental and educational group programs. Through the group dynamics, people explore and develop deeper insights into their lives, their “psyche”, the main areas that can cause worries and limit their potential, but also into spaces that can make them happy and able to enjoy deeper sense of wellbeing and safety. To achieve this, I use psychotherapeutic techniques, the RIM® method, relaxation techniques, counseling, or just a simple human conversation.

Year Completed RIM® Facilitator Training: 2010