Heather Elizabeth Andersen

Seattle/Bellevue, Washington, USA
Direct Line 720-705-2123

Kinds of RIM® Sessions: Individual RIM sessions and Executive Coaching

Location: In person in the greater Seattle area and via phone or video anywhere in the world

Population: Adults, Business

Works with Trauma: Yes

Specialties: I work with leaders who want to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. Clients resolve conflicts, lead more powerfully and feel more confident.

Will you work with Trauma: Yes

Biography: As an Executive Coach and certified RIM facilitator, Heather is known for approaching her clients with curiosity, empathy and deep listening coupled with a keen ability to quickly build trust. With more than 15 years of experience in executive coaching and leadership development, Heather has a passion for working with leaders who want to shift how they engage with others, gain greater confidence and reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

Integrating RIM into her coaching and in individual sessions, Heather helps people remove blocks, resolve conflicts and shift limiting patterns. This work allows them to transform the way they see themselves and how they interact with others so they can live with more ease, vitality and success.

Philosophy: I believe that we all deserve to have the best in us rise to the surface, to be able to appreciate our own strengths, and to have full access to all the gifts we have to share. And there are times when it is helpful to clear away whatever is holding us back in order to be that best version of ourselves. Through RIM, I facilitate that process of you connecting into your own wisdom to naturally and gently release what no longer serves you.

Year Completed RIM® Facilitator Training: July 2019