Jane Barr

Sarasota, Florida, USA
Direct Line (941) 315-0109

Kinds of RIM® Sessions: R.I.M. sessions included with Individual and Group Coaching

Location: International via Zoom or WhatsApp.

Population: Adults, Business, Women Leaders in Technology

Specialties: Powerful women leaders, women who love their work in the technology industry, reach out to me when they find themselves: stressed by the dynamic and frequently volatile nature of the tech industry and not able to balance work and the demands of their personal lives; frustrated by career barriers that are frequently associated with working in a male driven work environment; at the top of their game and still asking, “Why am I not happy?” Together we re-engineer how they respond to these pressures so they can show up as authentically powerful leaders and have a sense of ease, grace and joy in their work and life.

Biography: Jane Barr is an Executive Coach and Author of WiseWoman Leadership. For 30 years Jane lead system re-engineering projects with national retailers such as CVS, GAP and REI. She knows what it takes to deliver projects on time and on budget, to build strong teams and to generate business worth millions of dollars. Jane also knows exactly what it feels like to be in a situation where her life is out of balance, her voice is not heard, and wondering, “Is this all there is?” Barr’s coaching certifications include: iPEC Energy Leadership, R.I.M. (Regenerating Images in Memory), Dale Carnegie Leadership and Communication, High Power Presentations, Relationship Savvy, and Perfect Customers. When not coaching, Jane enjoys time with friends, reading, yoga and the occasional white water rafting trip and sky diving adventure.

Philosophy: We are wiser and more powerful than we think. We think that if we have multiple degrees, years of experience and a title that speaks to our leadership skills that we have arrived. And yet people with these attributes often feel as though they are missing something. The truth is, knowledge is not the same as wisdom. True wisdom is tapping into the internal power that is inherent within each of us. My vision is to see women in leadership close the gap from knowledge to wisdom, to embody the authentic power that is inherent within them and to use that power to create a world that works for all.

Year Completed RIM® Facilitator Training: December 9, 2019