Lotte Vesterli

Kinds of RIM® Sessions: Individual, group, and coaching

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe) for face-to-face sessions, Phone/Skype session anywhere

Population: Adults, teens, children, and business

Works with Trauma: Yes

Specialties: Integrating a wide variety of tools and methods to help people unlock their full potential and create a fulfilling life. Lotte works with people who suffer from stress, trauma, chronic illness (ex. MS, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain) and low self-esteem, etc.

Biography: As a Master RIM® Facilitator, Lotte often works with people who suffer from traumatic experiences. Both newly experienced and past experiences that are influencing her client’s life today.
As author of the upcoming book “Life after Bullying – Three Steps to Inner Peace” Lotte often works with people whom at one or more times through out their life have been bullied. As a result many are experiencing low self-esteem, stress, sleeping issues, weight-problems, anxiety or other symptoms that directly or in-directly are caused by the traumatic experience.

Lotte Vesterli is an international coach and trainer. Besides being a Master RIM®-facilitator she is a Certified NLP- and Transformational Coach. Lotte is an Occupational Therapist (OT) by training and has been working with people with various chronic illnesses for many years. Being outstanding in her field, Lotte supervised a team of professionals who helped people with cognitive problems caused by illness or injury.

Now as a solo practitioner, Lotte is able to provide private clients with sessions and seminars that quickly and successfully accelerate healing of illness and injury. Further, she has trained extensively with Jack Canfield including his Breakthrough to Success Program and the yearlong Train-The-Trainer program to become a Human Potential Trainer. As a graduate, Lotte offers interesting and informative seminars for inspiring greater success.

Although Lotte has spent most of her life in her native Denmark, she lived in Germany for several years and has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges of setting up a new life in another country, including learning a new language and helping her family integrate into local life. This experience has heightened Lotte’s ability to compassionately assist people thought challenging experiences.

Philosophy: Lotte’s life purpose is to help people to unlock their full potential and increase their quality of life, regardless of current circumstances. She draws on RIM®, Psychology, Neuroscience and coaching to help people heal and grow into living a life with clarity, focus and balance.

Year Completed RIM® Facilitator Training: May 2013

Year Completed Master RIM® Facilitator Training: May 2015