Sue Lewis, LCSW

Long Beach, California
(562) 533-8274

Not currently accepting new clients

Kinds of RIM® Sessions: Individuals, Families, and Group RIM® sessions

Location: Long Beach / Los Angeles area for face-to-face sessions; phone/Skype clients anywhere

Population: Adults, Business, and Professionals

Works with Trauma: Yes

Specialties: I specialize in treating Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chemical Dependency, and Alternative Life Styles utilizing individual, group and telephone sessions. As a seasoned clinician, I provide consultation services to other mental health professionals as well.

Biography: Sue has an MSW and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She has thirty years experience providing Psychotherapy services in psychiatric outpatient and inpatient programs, urgent care clinics, chemical dependency programs as well as her own private practice. She has also trained many graduate students (MSW) from all the major universities in Los Angeles. Utilizing both traditional and nontraditional right brained techniques, she continually explores cutting edge techniques in order to help others reach their goals in faster and effective ways. She believes RIM® is the most effective modality she has ever known.

Philosophy: I trust and believe all people are born complete, whole and with the capacity to know their own truths. These truths often are discovered beneath the layers of cultural conditioning and various accumulated life experiences. I am a guide in the client’s process of discovering their own uniqueness, creativity, purpose and increased overall wellbeing. Clients are often amazed how powerful, wise and complete they really are. It is a joy to participate in these healing moments!

Year Completed RIM® Facilitator Training: May 2015