Teresa Huggins

Clinton, New York USA
Direct Line (315) 525-3296

Kinds of RIM® Sessions: Individual and group RIM® sessions; RIM® sessions and activities during growth-inducing seminars and corporate consultation

Location: New York for face-to-face sessions; phone/Skype clients anywhere

Population: Children, teens, adults, and business

Works with Trauma: No

Specialties: Healing with loved ones who have passed on, physical illness, success issues, women’s issues, heightening intuition, and business consulting

Biography: With a MS in Education and MS in Counseling, Teresa uses the RIM® technology to guide others to discover their own answers, to connect with their loved ones, and to heal from past challenges. With a twenty year career in counseling, she helps others clarify their career visions, open to expanded possibilities, and consider new ways of being. As founder of Leaders for Life International, she facilitates personal and professional growth trainings, and leadership trainings for teens. Teresa is an international author and speaker, and her inspiring book, Pausing, Long Enough to Notice invites people to consider the many lessons available within each moment.

Philosophy: I believe the power within people can be activated easily and result in healing, inspiration and new ways of being. I hold a solution-focused attitude as I guide people to discover the unique insights, which most effectively serve them. I personally find joy in each day and sincerely believe that when we combine intuition and intelligence, we create inspiration. Living a life in alignment with one’s gifts is the path I choose.

Year Completed RIM® Facilitator Training: 2008