Boost Your
“Emotional IQ”

And dramatically increase
your impact as a trainer,
coach, speaker, and leader
with Dr. Deb Sandella's
RIM® Essentials

RIM® Essentials

An Advanced Coaching/Counseling/Consulting Tool

RIM® (Regenerating Images in Memory) is an extremely quick and effective body-centered technique that frees clients of negative thoughts, feelings and memories. Clients can regenerate their neurologically grounded sense of self in a profound way. Neuroscience findings support the efficacy of RIM® by explaining that the brain and nervous system is “plastic.” Researchers have discovered that recalling a memory biochemically destabilizes it, so it can be recreated in an affirming way.

We can help clients create new positive body memory to replace old hurt and pain. All the while, factual memory remains stable. In the RIM® process, clients integrate a new body-centered feeling that automatically stimulates a healthy body, mind and spirit. They begin to trust that life wants them to thrive and succeed.

Gain Immense Professional Benefits:
  • Recommended by Master Certified Coaches, Licensed Counselors and Successful Business Consultants
  • Works with Individuals and Groups
  • Quickly & effectively turn hurt, pain and self-sabotaging beliefs into inspired action
  • Learn 15 RIM® skills to quickly activate better health, more love, and greater success
  • Dramatically improve emotional intelligence
  • Feel effective and confident with even the most challenging audience or client
  • Your clients will feel lighter, clearer and more energized
  • Create new income streams with a RIM® specialty
  • Prepares you for the RIM® Facilitator Certification Program
  • Get referrals from other coaches, clients & practitioners
Early Bird Pricing Only $2797 (Regularly $3197)

Discover how to…

Effortlessly dissolve
the blocks holding people back
from achieving greater
success and happiness

Emotional Mastery is the Key to Profound Transformation

Imagine being able to help anyone overcome any crisis or conflict:

  • A client struggling with anxiety caused by repressed childhood trauma
  • A participant having a meltdown during one of your workshops
  • An employee shutting down emotionally because of a personal crisis at home
  • Staff members who dislike each other and refuse to work as a team
  • A client dealing with a career setback that has crushed her sense of self-worth

No matter how challenging their situation, you are able to help them quickly process their negative emotions and replace them with positive feelings that boost their confidence, happiness, and personal power.

How would that impact your ability to coach your clients… lead your team… teach your workshop participants… and change people’s lives for the better?

Online Or In-person

Emotionally Intelligent People Rise
To the Top in Life and Business

The research backs it up:

The latest stats from the Harvard Business Review show that people with high emotional intelligence naturally rise to the top in their organizations.

A recent study analyzed 515 senior executives and showed that emotional intelligence is a stronger predictor of success than either IQ or relevant previous experience.

Organizations or teams with emotionally intelligent leaders have a 20% higher than average profitability – while those with low-emotional intelligent leaders have a 20% below average profitability!

When you give people the support they need to process their negative feelings and develop a
positive mindset, you make it easier for them to achieve their full potential and accomplish
anything they want in life.

And that makes YOU a far more valuable leader, trainer, or coach.

You’ll Receive…

    HEALING TECHNIQUES ($3200 Value)

DAY 1: Emotional Predictability When We Know How They Work

You’ll learn:

  • How the emotional brain is different from the logical brain
  • How to organically turn feelings on & off
  • Unimagined personal breakthroughs
  • Unrecognized expectations blocking you

DAY 2: Three Emotion-Processing Skills that Work With Any Problem

You’ll learn:

  • How to calm the brain where a breakdown starts
  • How to empty toxic feelings from the body in a flash
  • A way to create internal safety instantly
  • How to lock new feelings into emotional memory

DAY 3: Locate Emotional Blocks in the Blink of an Eye

You’ll learn:

  • Uncomplicated, organic steps guaranteed to track the hidden source of any problem (emotional/mental/physical)
  • A way to evaporate client resistance fast without a fight
  • How to easily ignite client self-responsibility in the subconscious
  • How to heal an unfinished relationship issue when the other person is unwilling or unavailable

DAY 4: Re-doing Past Events

You’ll learn:

  • Step-by-step process for re-doing past hurt, pain, regret and rage
  • How to protect yourself from others’ pain and sadness
  • How to integrate RIM® into your current speaking/coaching business or set up an independent RIM® practice for an additional income stream
  • How the innovative paradigm of RIM® is changing the game

DAY 5: Anchor Your NEW RIM Skills

You’ll have:

  • A day of gaining more personal breakthroughs as you anchor your new skills

RIM® is a powerful healing system that frees people of their negative thoughts, feelings, and
memories. Spend 5 unforgettable days learning how to use this powerful technique!
Taught by Dr. Deb Sandella and Licensed RIM® Essentials Trainers.


You’ll have your own individual RIM® master mentor who will communicate with you regularly to answer questions and coach you through 12 practice sessions. You’ll feel fully supported regardless of your previous background. One student who was a travel business executive is now making a great livelihood helping people as a coach RIM® Facilitator. He finds that the combination is invaluable because together they have significantly accelerated success and income.


Three 75-minute group coaching calls that guide you through the RIM® process for your own personal benefit. You will learn how to release your own old wounds and negative emotions and replace them with thoughts and feelings that lead to inspired action. You will see immediate dramatic effects in your own life, which will help you walk your talk as you lead others through the process.


Three 75-minute group coaching calls to provide deeper understanding on how to use RIM® techniques in your work with others. Here’s your chance to get Dr. Deb’s personal insight and expertise on how to deal with any challenges you may be experiencing in your practice.


Your individual RIM® coach will take you personally through a deep-dive RIM® to help you clear your internal blocks, master your own emotions in any situation, and dramatically boost your emotional IQ so you can help others achieve the same results.


Dr. Deb’s easy-to-use teaching guide will help you put your learning into practice and makes it easy for you to review the lessons whenever necessary.


RIM® Essentials is an accredited program with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). This means your training with Dr. Deb will help you maintain certified status as a coach or trainer. This will be huge in establishing your authority as an expert coach or trainer.

Here’s What Her Clients Say About
The Effect RIM® Had on Their Lives…

“I’d never have believed you, if you told me I’d be writing a testimonial for RIM®. I am THE MOST SKEPTICAL guy in the world… In fact, I don’t believe in going to psychologists. I engaged with Dr. Deb at a Jack Canfield seminar because I was in excruciating pain. After she guided me through this inner sensing process, I was at complete peace, I was content, I was pain-free, and I was energized. I now know these RIM® tools work and I’ve used them successfully several times since. I believe RIM® could relieve many people of suffering about their personal, physical and relationship issues.”

Ed Alberts
New York businessman

“My son committed suicide 20 years ago. As I uncovered the tons of buried grief and guilt in one session, it felt like my heart might break. Hard to believe, but I actually was able to sense my son’s forgiveness and love during that session. Rather than talking about the incident, I got to go back in time and redo my regrets – an indescribable gift of healing! Since that session, my life is changed. Now, I can enjoy remembering him without guilt.”

Vail Ski Instructor

“For years after a teacher sexually abused me during junior high, I found myself being taken advantage by those around me. After I freed myself of this memory during RIM® work, I spontaneously began speaking up for myself. I now consistently feel empowered and act assertively. RIM® is the most effective work I have experienced in my life, and I have spent years trying all of them.”

Montana Realtor

“Dr. Deb Sandella’s RIM® training is well worth the investment. As a hypnotherapist and coach, I find it unlike anything else. The ingenious strategies create the primary healing relationship to develop between the client and her or him-self, so they amplify a sense of autonomy, wholeness and power. One of my clients was able to release a life-long anxiety in a single RIM® session. This is strong stuff!”

Jane Ransom, MA, C.Ht.
North Carolina

“For thirty-seven years I have trained individuals from just about every walk of life and many cultures around the world. I am committed to provide excellence in coaching, training and consulting services to each of these leaders. The RIM® Facilitator Program has significantly improved my ability to provide excellence and immediate results to my clients while also renewing myself. Every day, I am grateful for the power of RIM® to unleash the inner wisdom and heal.”

Anita L. Sanchez, PhD
Sanchez Tennis & Associates, LLC Organizational Consultant

“Dr. Sandella’s practical, good sense does splendidly for a new generation. She shares sound advice and a wealth of experience with real people.”

Robert Freedman, MD
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado, and editor of the American Journal of Psychiatry

“I frequently use the RIM® Technique with CEOs in corporate trainings and it works like magic! They love it because it gets immediate results.”

Jaroslav Prusa, MBA
Czech Republic

Not Only Will You Dramatically Improve Your Ability to Help
Others – You Will Transform Your Own Life and Career

  • Learn 15 RIM® skills to activate better health, more love, and greater success
  • Improve your relationships with your clients, colleagues, family, friends – and yourself
  • Turn hurt, pain and self-sabotaging beliefs into inspired action – quickly and effectively
  • Make a much bigger impact as a coach, trainer, and leader
  • Work more effectively with individuals and groups of any size
  • Confidently handle the most challenging audience or client
  • Help your clients or employees feel lighter, clearer and more energized
  • Create new income streams with a RIM® specialty
  • Take a huge leap toward becoming a RIM® Facilitator
  • Get referrals from other coaches, clients & practitioners

RIM® is recommended by Master Certified Coaches, Licensed Counselors and Successful Business Consultants around the world. By mastering these techniques, you will gain immense professional benefits and take your business or career to a much higher level.

Are you Ready to Dramatically Increase Your Impact?

Yes! I want to enroll NOW and become a powerful emotional healer.

I understand I will receive:

  • New in 2022 – We’ve added an extra half day, so now 5 Days Live Training Filled with Deep Skills & Personal Growth ($3200 value)
  • New in 2022 – Follow-up half day bonus live mentoring session in the weeks following your training.
  • New in 2022 – Mentor feedback for your first 12 recorded sessions (previously written logs).
  • 3 Months private RIM® coaching ($1550 value)
  • 3 Months of Self-Evolution Calls ($350 Value)
  • 3 monthly RIM® Facilitation calls ($300 value)
  • One Personal RIM® Session ($300 Value)
  • RIM® Essentials Manual ($197 Value)
  • 36 ICF CCE Credits – 18.7 Core + 17.3 Resource (Priceless)
  • 27 NASW CE Credits (except WV, MI, ID, NJ, NY) (Priceless)


But you pay only:

Early Bird $400 Discount—Only $2797 (Regularly $3197)
Online Or In-person

One Final Thought…

One year from today, how will your life be different?

Will you be an in-demand transformational speaker, trainer, or coach charging great money for your services? And will you have 100% confidence that you can handle any emotional crisis or conflict that happens in your workplace or in one of your coaching or training sessions?

Signing up for my RIM® Essentials program is the best action you can take right now to make that happen.

I look forward to hearing how RIM® Essentials transforms your life and career!

Online Or In-person

To your success,

Dr. Deb Sandella
The RIM® Institute

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