Make 2025 the year you take your emotional
processing skills
to a completely new level.

12-month RIM® + Intergenerational Trauma Healing Dual Certification Program

January 27, 2025 – December 08, 2026

Join the Transformative Program

Limited spots available by application only!

Help your clients slay their biggest dragons —
and vastly grow your impact and
abundance as a trainer, coach, or healer.

Are you afraid to really “go there” with your clients because you’re not sure you’ll be
able to help them process the strong emotions that can arise when a person’s
deepest wounds get triggered?

Join Dr. Deb Sandella’s new RIM® + Intergenerational Trauma Healing dual certification program and you’ll spend the next 12 months gaining powerful new emotional processing skills that allow you to help others dissolve the hidden blocks that stand in the way of success — including personal trauma and intergenerational trauma.

It’s one of the most powerful steps you can take to level up your skillset in 2025!

What is RIM® (Regenerating Images in Memory)?

You’ll go deeper and help your clients achieve more powerful lasting results than any training you’ve done before.

As a program participant, you’ll get one full year of unfettered access to RIM® creator Dr. Deb and learn proven techniques from the master herself that will empower you to:
  • Increase your clients’ (and your) psychological flexibility
  • Facilitate post-traumatic growth
  • Resolve cognitive distortion
  • Blast through blocks to success and happiness
  • Enhance effective decision-making in yourself and others
  • Heal childhood and intergenerational trauma
  • Accelerate recovery and reduce relapse
  • Locate and dissolve the root cause of an issue
  • Help clients learn to trust in their inner resilience

You’ll feel safe and confident, supported by the team of trainers and Certified Masters there to mentor you every step along the way. If you’re feeling the call to help your clients in a much more powerful way, be sure to join us!

It will be a year of incredible learning and growth for you and your clients — and your business!

This powerful dual certification program kicks off in January
2025 and consists of 3 stages that unfold through the year:

Stage 1: RIM® Essential Skills Training + Mentorship

January 27-31, 2025 virtual sessions + 3 months follow-up mentorship

Your RIM® learning journey begins with 5 immersive days of RIM® Essentials online training with Dr. Deb and Master RIM® Trainer Michael Kline. You’ll learn the basics, connect with your community, and receive all the tools and training you need to get started. This five-day training is followed by 3 months of follow-up mentoring and required practice sessions that must be completed prior to beginning Stage 2.

**RIM® Essentials Grads: If you have already completed this training, you will save $3397 on your tuition for the full-year program!

Stage 2: Two 6-Day Intensives in Colorado

May 6-11 + September 12-17, 2025 — plus regular virtual meetings + practice sessions through summer

We’ll meet in person for two six-day intensive workshops in May and September. Even the most experienced and well-trained professionals have raved about these workshops as some of the deepest client learning and personal growth-work they’ve ever done! In the time between the two workshops we’ll continue to have regular Zoom meetings where you’ll get tons of support and feedback from master mentors, anchoring all your new advanced skills.

Stage 3: Extended Generational Healing Training

October + November 2025 two-day virtual sessions

In October and November, we’ll join up online for two powerful weekends of extended generational trauma RIM® learning and practice. These two-day sessions will help you hone your skills and deepen your confidence and mastery of the work.

Bonus retreat and celebration!

Join us in Denver in early December for a 2-day graduation celebration and personal RIM® retreat to honor and rejoice in everything you’ve accomplished. You’ll leave energized and fully inspired to put your skills to work and make a bigger impact in the world!

This retreat is optional but highly recommended as it will be a truly magical experience.

Only qualified individuals will be invited to join.

Due to the high-level training participants receive, only individuals who have already done extensive personal growth work and achieved a significant level of emotional awareness will be invited to participate in this year-long program as we want to make sure the experience is as powerful as possible for all participants. Space is limited!

Meet your training team.

RIM® Founder Dr. Deborah Sandella, PhD, RN

Deborah Sandella is an award-winning psychotherapist, university professor, and the originator of the groundbreaking Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM® ) Method. She has helped thousands of people heal and reduce symptoms of stress-related illnesses and increase the quality of their lives, giving them access to more joy, fulfillment, and success, as well as deeper, more connected relationships.

Dr. Deb is author of the #1 International Bestseller “Goodbye, Hurt & Pain, 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success” and has been featured in USA TODAY, CBS, CNN, NBC, SELF and SHAPE. She frequently shares the stage with Jack Canfield and is co-author of their “Awakening Power” meditation program.

Senior RIM® Trainer, Michael Kline

Michael Kline has been a corporate trainer since 1992 and is a certified RIM® Trainer and Canfield Senior Trainer. He has taught RIM® to hundreds of coaches and therapists, with myriad other certifications, who rave about RIM® and how their training has empowered them to help their clients process difficult emotions and experiences.

As team leader for our assisting team of trainers and mentors, Michael will bring his wisdom and adept RIM® skills to the program to keep things running smoothly and ensure that all participants receive the individualized support they need to excel.

Join us in beautiful Colorado for our powerful in-person immersive trainings.

We’ll be doing this powerful work just outside Denver in a beautiful private 3-acre property that boasts a 9,000 sq. ft. house and multiple living spaces inside and out for your learning, playing, and growing comfort.

You’ll love being able to spread out into a variety of private spaces for practice dyads and triads, all while being guided by a master mentor. The property abuts the High Line Canal Trail so you can spend your breaks exploring and walking paths that wind through woods, farms, and nature preserves.

Imagine how confident you will feel knowing you can absolutely handle the biggest emotions that a client brings into a session — anger, sadness, guilt, shame, even childhood or generational trauma. Imagine how deeply gratifying it will be when your clients, freed at last from their blocks, regard you with wonder and say, “What was that?… It was extraordinary!”

In addition to all the advanced RIM® skills, you’ll experience other retreat activities and magical surprises designed to take you deeper into your skills as a transformation facilitator more than ever before. You’ll fall more in love with yourself as you create client breakthroughs, slay your own saboteurs and stand more fully in your worthiness.

Get ready to own your boundaries, speak your truth, ask for what you need, command the respect you deserve, and empower your clients do it, too!

Best of all, you’ll get to do this powerful work as part of a creative, fun, loving, and supportive community — the kind of like-minded high-caliber impact makers that only this level of work attracts.

2025 can be an incredible year for you as you dedicate yourself to growing your business with powerful skills that differentiate you and translate into deep, tangible results. A limitless bounty awaits, as greater mastery combined with greater self-worth allows you to confidently charge what you’re worth.

All this while making an even bigger, more magical difference in the world!

Not feeling ready?

We’ve got your back! Maybe you took RIM® Essentials months or even years ago — or maybe you’ve been away from practicing RIM® for a while, and you remember how deep and powerful it was. Did you get scared? Did you just not have the time? Did you take time away and feel too rusty to start over?

No worries. In recent years, many of our Certification students found so much joy and relief when they redid RIM® Essentials. Repeating students are astonished at how much more information and skills they grasp easily the second time through. The work is so big, and we are doing so much personal growing, it’s always worth a redo.

* Certifications are granted upon satisfactory completion of the program, and consistent demonstration of certification-level skills along with the personal capacity for professional execution of deep RIM® work.


RIM® + Intergenerational Trauma Healing is for you if…

You’re Dedicated to
Transforming Lives

You are passionate about guiding your clients toward healing, growth, and success and ready to dedicate the next 12 months to leveling up your ability to help people.

You Want the Power to
Process Emotions

You’re ready to delve deeper into learning how to manage and dissolve emotional responses connected to deep wounds and trauma, including intergenerational wounds that reverberate through families and communities.

You Strive for Excellence in
Your Practice

You’re committed to continuously improving your practice and excited to learn advanced techniques and strategies to take your people-helping skills to a dramatically higher level.

You Always Seek to Create
Safe Spaces

You want to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your clients or patients so they can find the courage to go deeper into their emotions and face the painful memories that they’re most reluctant to acknowledge.

You Want to Break
Generational Patterns

You understand how trauma can be passed down through generations and want to help your clients break this cycle once and for all.

You’re Ready to Make a
Lasting Impact

You’re eager to make a real difference in the world by helping heal their deepest wounds so they can unlock their full potential and thrive.

Give yourself and your clients the gift of transformation and resilience in 2025.

Dual RIM® & Generational Healing Certification Includes:
  1. Five-day RIM® Essential Skills training ($3,897 Value)
  2. Two 6-day in-person trainings in Denver for Advanced Skills and Personal Growth ($12,000 Value)
  3. Twelve months private RIM® coaching ($6,000 Value)
  4. Two virtual weekends that expand & enrich your intergenerational knowledge & skills ($1600 Value)
  5. Twelve months of Self-Evolution Calls ($600 Value)
  6. Life-time membership in the RIM® Facilitator Monthly Calls (Life-long Assistance)
  7. Three Personal RIM® Sessions, one with originator Dr. Deb ($1200 Value)
  8. Listing in the RIM® Institute Facilitator Directory ($75 Value)
  9. Training Manuals with summaries, templates & tools ($200 Value)
  10. Bonus: 2 Day graduation/personal retreat ($800 Value)
  11. 27-36 CEU professional credits

Total Value: $26, 372

For this extraordinary year-long training and dual certification, your investment is just $12,497

Or $9,100 if you have already taken RIM® Essentials

* Choose our convenient 9-month payment option and guarantee your spot today for only $1,388.

100% money-back guarantee available for 7 days after purchase (excluding credit card fees). After that, cancellation penalties will apply.

Limited spots available by application only.

Only qualified individuals who are willing to commit to fully showing up and doing the work will be invited into the program. This is our most in-depth training ever and membership is limited to give everyone the highest caliber of training and support possible.

When you submit your application, you’ll receive a free one-hour video showing you what a powerful RIM® session looks like!

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See what people are saying…

3“RIM® work produces such immediate and extraordinary emotional and physical results, it may at first appear unbelievable, but I have witnessed it in action in my own life and the lives of hundreds of my students and trainees and can testify to its profound impact.”

Jack Canfield
NY Times bestselling author, Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series and The Success
Principles; internationally renowned corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and popular radio and TV
talk show guest.

4“If you have every wanted to develop your intuition or connect with the healer within, Deborah Sandella makes it easy and delightful. She is a master healer!”

Joan Borysenko
PhD, NY Times Bestselling Author

2“Dr. Deborah Sandella offers a practical, down-to-earth method of realizing the immense potential that lies within everyone. She is a skillful guide who speaks from experience and with gentle compassion.”

Larry Dossey
MD, Bestselling Author of ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater
Consciousness and Why It Matters

“Dr. Sandella’s RIM® classes have provided me four major benefits.  The first is learning the art and science of RIM® by building my skills, and using them to help others resolve their emotional issues.  The third is the personal benefit of “cleaning up” my own issues in comfortable yet powerful RIM® processes during classes.  And fourth, my strong, supportive relationships with my classmates will continue through a lifetime.  Dr. Sandella is masterful in her personal ability to use the RIM® approach to ferret out and resolve issues that are hidden below the level of conscious thought.  As a masterful teacher she brings fun and community into her all her teachings.  The RIM® process is one of the most powerful and effective tools available for emotional healing, and I would strongly recommend the classes for anyone.”

MaryAnn McDonald
Coach, WA

“I was blow away by the extreme effectiveness of a RIM® process I experienced at a Jack Canfield Seminar–It changed me forever, and I immediately knew I had to learn it to help my clients. This was an astute decision– this tool at my fingertips has helped my clients experience immediate and dramatic benefits; I guide them to dissolve hidden (invisible) emotional blocks and painful memories and remember their organic resourcefulness. RIM® has created amazing results in my keynote presentations, business consultations and private coaching sessions.  If you are a trainer, coach, counselor or business consultant, I recommend you learn RIM® to effortlessly elevate you and your clients’ personal and professional results.  It is far and above the most effective tool I have witnessed.”

Michael J. Kline
Intus Founder, RIM® Master Facilitator, Business Consultant, Trainer and Coach, Sarasota, FL

“The process of becoming a Certified RIM® Facilitator was and continues to be immensely transformational for me as well as my clients. Interestingly, I am not trained in therapy or coaching, yet most of my clients are coaches and therapist because they find the RIM® process personally invaluable. As a RIM® Facilitator, I am delighted to contribute to the world an organic and sustainable way of letting go of what is holding clients back, while receiving a prosperous livelihood. The value I bring as a RIM® Facilitator is beyond limits.”

Steven Torneten
Coach and Trainer, Omaha, NE

“During my 38 year career as a psychotherapist I have completed many certifications; they were nothing special. In contrast, my RIM® certification is the most complete learning I have received.  When I say complete, I mean my personal and professional competence was significantly enhanced.  In fact, I would say that my RIM® certification is the most beneficial experience of my life.  Also, the Masters training was superior to any previous personal or professional learning. I highly recommend all levels of RIM® trainings!”

Sue Lewis
LCSW Los Angeles, CA

Let’s make 2025 the year you take your emotional
processing skills to a completely new level!

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