What is RIM®?
I want to have a RIM® session. Where can I find a RIM® Facilitator?
How long is a session?
Does RIM® only work on mental or physical issues?
How many sessions do I need?
What should I expect during a RIM® session?
How do I prepare for a RIM® session?
How will RIM® benefit me?
Who should attend this kind of training?
Can anyone learn to do this?
What programs are available?
Do you need to have a special background such as psychology to become a RIM® Facilitator?
How does the role of a RIM® Facilitator differ from a traditional therapist or coach?
When can RIM® be used?
How does this program differ from other healing or transformational programs?
What will I be able to do professionally as a result of the training?
How do I get started?

You can acquire more personal experience of RIM® , by attending a RIM® workshop, or a private RIM® session.